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Paul Zappia - Realtor

You may qualify for up to a $2,000 ANNUAL tax credit!

Where do your payments go?

Would you rather be in the BLACK or the RED?
The Choice is Yours!


Pros - Home Ownership

  • Portion of monthly payment in YOUR pocket
  • Potential tax write-off puts more money in YOUR pocket*
  • You may qualify for an additional $2000 annual tax credit
    (call for details)
  • Monthly mortgage payment typically will not increase**
  • No mortgage payment once loan paid off
  • Build equity and eventual ownership
  • More living space
  • Yard for play, gardening, entertaining
  • Wise investment for YOU!

Cons - Renting

  • Monthly rent payment in landlord’s pocket: nothing for you
  • No tax write-off
  • No annual tax credit
  • Monthly rent payment typically increases annually
  • No end to monthly payments
  • No equity: never own
  • Limited living space
  • Limited outdoor space
  • NO investment in you!

Make the Smart Choice: Home Ownership

Let me help you find your dream home. Don’t delay, call today for details!

* Consult your tax attorney              * * Fixed rate loan

Paul Zappia